NativeWrap is an application wrapper for Android that configures native Android applications from URLs supplied by the user, which are then installed on the device. The whole process takes little or no effort from the user, as NativeWrap’s WebView wrapper comes preconfigured with security best practices (for e.g. SSL Pinning, Force HTTPS, etc.).


NativeWrap allows the user to create secure native wrappers from WebApp URLs. The user shares the URL with NativeWrap via the mobile Web browser, or any other application. NativeWrap then presents the user with the app configuration screen, where the user can set the NativeWrapped application’s name, finalize the URL, configure ForceHTTPS enforcement and assigns native permissions from a very small subset (currently includes READ/WRITE External SD only), and finally choose to pin to the top level domain. NativeWrap then configures the native WebView template, and installs the app on the device. Our WiSec 2014 paper describes NativeWrap in detail.